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Doctor of Political Science.

Professor, Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University

Majoring in policy development by local government, international comparisonof urban policy, crisis managementand disaster prevention, municipal policy and city policy.

This faculty is opened to mayors, members of assemblies, government officials, businesspersons, researchers, scholars and students. Everybody attending this class can enjoy discussing andstudying all kinds of concrete subjects about public policy.


Vice-Governor of Tokyo Metropolis
(Assigned by Governor ISHIHARA, Shintaro)
In charge of finance, urban planning, crisismanagement and disaster prevention.


Worked as an official of TokyoMetropolitanGovernment in the bureaus as follows:
  Bureau of Economic Affairs
  Bureau of the Policy and Planning
  Manager, for Bureau of Public Health
  Manager, for Bureau of City Planning,
  Manager, for Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs
  President, theJyohoku Welfare Center (This center was founded for labors who seek to get their jobs)
  Senior Director, the Senior Citizens and Welfare Division
  Senior Director, the Planning and Coordination Division,
  Deputy Director General, in charge ofthe Policy and Public Affairs
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