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I consider Tokyo from the street corner in the world.
What are the attractiveness and the problem of " Tokyo " which was understood by walking in about 50 cities of the Europe and America and Asia?
The author who is familiar with the OBJ DO and hardware OBJ DO city to make soft who was the vicegovernor for many years in Tokyo which is megalopolises thinks of the history, present and the future in " Tokyo " from multilateral view such as the self-government, the protection against disasters, the sightseeing assets, the traffic and the architecture while comparing with about 50 cities of the worlds such as New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Moscow, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh which the author visited actually.

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Give 100,000 pieces of homeless a home
The challenge by Rosanne Haggerty who is the founder of America " the social enterprise "
Written by Yasushi Aoyama while conversing with Rosanne Haggerty.
What is necessary for " the social enterprise" to succeed?
The social enterprise to have made the independent support of the homeless succeed in U.S. each place to the beginning in New York 〈 The common ground 〉 〈 Community solutions 〉 .
It is explained while the author does an interview to the founder.
It traces the activity which ranges in the 20 years through the first time detailed interview to the founder.
By the author who played an active part on the scene of " the poor problem " " emergency restoration " in Japan and so on, It is comprehensively explained, " the social enterprise " idea, financial power, legal placing, and argued about the vision of the role and the true" the social enterprise " which is sought now.

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Experimental Studies On Urban Governanse

The state of the city governance centering on autonomous planned administration and risk management was shown. The plan administration of the self-governing body which begins from the Shinpei Goto's "Tokyo municipal-government outline" was verified. The meaning of governance is clarified through analysis of the revival process from the disaster of Miyake-jima and New Orleans, etc.

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