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Photograph where YasushiAoyama has received interview Yasushi Aoyama in NY
Yasushi Aoyama in NY
"Urban Agriculture Era" - A reversal offensive towards food security begins. (The National Chamber of Agriculture Publishing.)20230630
Tokyo Metropolitan Governor's Biography: What the Tops of Giant Municipalities Have Created and Destroyed. (Jiji Press Ltd.)20200306
I consider Tokyo from the street corner in the world. (Fujiwara Shoten)20141030
Give 100,000 pieces of homeless a home . (Fujiwara Shoten)20130522
Experimental Studies On Urban Governanse.(SANSEIDO)20120724
History of deep regret of Edo Tokyo. (Syodensya)20080830
Cyclopedia to understand use of underground well. (PHP Kenkyujo) 20080819
Global reception desk Tokyo. (Toshi Shuppan) 20080512
Japanese map that understands by 100 characters. (kk-bestsellers) 20080217
Creation of policy of municipality.(SANSEIDO)20070831
[The work] of Shinpei Goto.(Fujiwara Shoten)20070530
The Vice-Governor’s Note on Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s Politics--Power and obligation of length of capital. (Kodansha) 20070321

The Vice-Governor’s Note on Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s Politics. (Heibonsha) 2004

Good hospital for elderly people. (KANKI publishing inc.) 2004

The survival handbook for 100 million people to prevent from big disaster and terrorism. [editorship; written by Disaster Prevention Working Group]
(Business Educational Publishing Company) June, 2005

Governor Ranko.[editorship] (Shogakukan inc.) 2005
(The political fiction cartoon describing an active lady Ranko inheriting her husband who passed away suddenly and was inaugurated as Governor of Waga prefecture.)

Shimpei Goto. (pocket edition)
[written by Sentaro Go; (Aoyama’s pseudonym)](Gakuyo Shobo publishing inc) July, 1997
(The city infrastructure still working today such as Showa Avenue and Hibiya Avenue, a Sumida Park, and great several bridges above Sumida-River, constructed based upon the revival plan of Great Kanto Earthquake shows his foresight and execution power.)

On Tokyo Urbanism.(KANKI publishing inc.) February, 2003
(Japan is now going into the matured society. The city evolves along with the time. Do not stop this movement. Additionally, it will be necessary to execute the policy of answering the needs of people of the development of the city park and the improvement of the quality of the housing, etc. emphatically in the future.)

Crisis-management leader for staff of municipality. (Tosei Shimpo)
[wrote as a co-author] October, 2002

(Article in journal: English edition)
”Meiji-Taisho reformist offers timeless lessons”The Asahi Shinbun ,20050228.
”Transmitting The Japanese Story: Toward True Cosmopolitanism” Gaiko Forum ,Summer 2003
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