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Word of 'Series city policy' publication

We set up the public policy graduate school governance studies in Meiji University in 2004. It is the place where the assembly member, the head, the staff, the businessman, the citizens activist, the scholar, and the student discuss exceeding the region and the occupational category and the policy is studied mutually.

There were a lot of people who looked forward to such an opportunity, and various people gathered here unexpectedly.The almost everyone chose the way where it did not succeed in what one set out to do even if the degree of the master was obtained at the course of two years, it kept making the best use of the edge that had been learnt here, and own discernment polishing continuously.

The one of the methods is a voluntary network led by the person of governance studies completion called "The city policy forum" and we repeat an argument through interchange with foreign countries and domestic field investigation, an exhibition symposium, study society and change each other's knowledge and intelligence.

This booklet 'Series city policy' obtained in these activities, and has aimed to ask the world a concrete problem institution and the policy recommendation. It has the character of message of unity from the people to the citizens, the companion, the supporter, the fellow, the family, and the people of whom everyone who loves who gather in "The city policy forum" at the same time.

The human race society always did evolution repeatedly. Plesae know there are the people who are talking eagerly with the spot and the region how there should be the concrete policy how there should be world in the future... I think that Japan hopes here, and there is the future of Japan.

It wants to obtain a lot of criticisms for this series, and to live in it again as provisions of our policy study. This series was published in such feelings. If it is possible to get it by drawing the mind, it is great.

y Published z
No.1 The present age is seen from poverty (The author:Yasushi AoyamaE Fumiko Soeno)900yen

No.4 Livelihood protection and a self-governing body(The author:Yasushi AoyamaE Yasushiro Tateishi)1,000yen

No.3 How should there be the new city planning system(The author:The city policy forum)1,600yen

No.2 New Orleans and Miyakejima-Record of exchange (The author:Yasushi AoyamaE Kazuyuki Sasaki)2,000yen

No.5 City planning of Oota Ward(The author:Yasushi AoyamaE Tadayoshi Mastubara)

y Schedule z
No.6 The disaster prevention of the big city(The author:Yasushi AoyamaE Yoshihiro Hayasaka)

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