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Ryozanpaku graduate school design

I thought acutely that the place where the man of a different field argues about a policy across boundaries was required, working for 36 years in the Metropolitan Government Of TOKYO.There is a place which tells present Japan a system.Moreover, there are many people who tell a system and a method.However, there is no place which argues synthetically, for example about concrete subjects, such as development in front of a station, activation of a shopping center, fullness of a community welfare, and environmental management. At the graduate school in the center of Tokyo, a head, an assemblyman, the personnel, a businessman and a scholar, and a student cross an area, and inquire exceeding an occupational description, and I think if the Ryozanpaku which is useful to creation development of a policy can be formed.It is the graduate school which can obtain an intellectual stimulus, managing [ rather than separating from work ] hard work.

Professor, Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University

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I consider Tokyo from the street corner in the world.

What are the attractiveness and the problem of " Tokyo " which was understood by walking in about 50 cities of the Europe and America and Asia?

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Give 100,000 pieces of homeless a home

The challenge by Rosanne Haggerty who is the founder of America " the social enterprise "
Written by Yasushi Aoyama while conversing with Rosanne Haggerty.
What is necessary for " the social enterprise " to succeed?

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