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Prof. AOYAMA, Yasushi

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I keenly thought that the place where man from a different field debates about policy across boundaries was required, working for 36 years in the TOKYO Metropolitan Government. There is a place that says a system in Japan present. Moreover, there are many people who say one system and one method. However, there is no place that discusses synthetically, for example about concrete topics, such as development in front of a station, activation of a commercial center, fullness of community well-being, and management of environment. At the big school in central Tokyo, a head, a legislator, staff, a businessman and a scholar and a student cross the region, and questions exceed a professional description, and hope to form the place for the gathering of ambitious men who are useful for the development of the creation of a policy. It is a great school which can obtain intellectual stimulus, by directing [rather than separating from] hard work.

Professor, Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University

New publication

Shinpei Goto: Biography of the Person Who Changed HistoryPublished by Kodansha Learning Comics

Publishing date12/21/2023

Yasushi Aoyama (supervisor) Masaharu Inoue (author) Book (Soft Cover) 216 Pages Price 1,870 yen

Shinpei Goto, a giant that Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, which also gave birth to Shohei Otani, is a doctor and later as an administrative bureaucrat, he succeeded in the quarantine project, which was said to be impossible, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and save Japan. After that, he solved various difficult problems such as governing Taiwan and managing Mantetsu, and became a politician. He was a major politician who was responsible for the reform of Tokyo City and the reconstruction from the Great Kanto Earthquake. Emperor Showa and Emperor of Germany were amazed by his magnificent vision and ability to execute. The foresight that led Itagaki and Bismarck to say, "It would be wasteful to be a doctor." As president of the Japan Railway Institute, he laid the foundation for the development of the Japanese National Railways and created an urban plan that led from the earthquake disaster to modern Tokyo. There used to be such a politician in Japan! Episode 1: The Rebel's Child Episode 2: Infectious Diseases and Quarantine Episode 3: The Rule of Taiwan Episode 4: The Settlement of Manchuria Episode 5: The Reform of Tokyo City Episode 6: Earthquake Reconstruction Epilogue: Leaving the People

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